Goodbye to the ‘Faith of life’: one less torture for retirees and pensioners

Having to go to the bank, in many even monthly with people who could hardly walk, to prove that one was alive. From that they were used, without half measures, the ‘Faith of life’, the procedure that the banks demanded for years from each liability to pay their monthly salaries, an obviously official practice from the ANSES with which they aimed to avoid fraud. And if mobilization was already impossible, due to the state of the beneficiary, then the police had to be called to come to the home, to verify that the retiree was still alive.

Such a practice, an absurdity in times of networks and data, stop being required from this Tuesday, July 25, when Law 27,721 enters into force. so some four million retirees and pensioners will no longer have to regularly present their survival certificates as an essential requirement for the collection of their salaries and pension benefits.

After this elimination, the 7.3 million retirees and pensioners of the Argentine Integrated Pension System (SIPA) and the beneficiaries of non-contributory pensions in charge of ANSES they will be on an equal footinggiven that 3.2 million were already exempted from the process due to successive decisions by the banks where they collect their money.

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It should be noted that there were already several banking entities that had made this procedure more flexible at some point, although more because of the willingness of those entities than for legal issues such as those that will come into force this Tuesday. In this context, the Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires (Province Bank) it had been the first entity that suspended this proof of life requirement since September 2019. As explained on that occasion, because their databases already worked online with the National Registry of Persons (RENAPER), so that as soon as deaths were reported from health centers or other agencies, payments were cancelled.

Survival accreditation was temporarily suspended during the isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, although it was required again as of February of last year, a time when some banks began to do some exceptions related to age or availability of information.

Thus, there were entities that began to demand the survival procedure “only for retirees and pensioners over 74 years of age”, a line that still forced millions of people to have to comply with the procedure, but at least there was a part that was exempted. There were other specific cases, such as the Banco Superviellewhich annulled this requirement for those who received benefits from ANSES in Córdoba, thanks to the integration of the information with the provincial Digital Civil Registry.

Likewise, ANSES conceded at the time that the National Bank; Bank province; From Cordoba; from La Pampa; de San Juan; from Entre Rios; Holy Cross and of Santa Fe They were no longer requesting proof of life, a group that Piano, Supervielle and Santander joined in recent months.

As regards the latter,Santander had automated the process on March 15, leaving the requirement without effect. At the same time, since National Bank specified that, where appropriate, the requirement of proof of life”had risen on April 8, 2022, for allwithout segmenting by age, or branches”.

For his part, Bank province I said that four years ago the “successfully implemented the automatic survival upgradethrough the organizations that guarantee the registration and identification of people”, which is why it was no longer necessary to be able to receive the assets.


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From Macro Bankpointed out that “they will conform to what the law says and the regulations of the ANSES” and that, until this Tuesday the law enters into force, they will continue to validate the identity with any purchase with a debit card.

On the contrary, Itau because, as part of “customer centricity”, they do not request the completion of the procedure to retirees since November of last year. In the same way, Columbia I affirm that “They are already complying with the law”so they no longer ask their clients for survival accreditation.

SupervielleFor his part, he stated that he is working on a progressive plan to simplify the collection process for beneficiaries, while in cases such as City, Galicia and CredicoopThey remarked that they are preparing their systems to eliminate the requirement of proof of life for retirees and pensioners, although they clarified that they are waiting for the regulation.