Gianni Infantino sent a greeting to Claudio Tapia ahead of the U-20 World Cup: “Let Argentina get ready”

Two weeks from the start of the Sub 20 world, gianni infantinopresident of the fifasent a message to claudio tapiaPresident of AFA and Javier Mascheranocoach of the Argentine U-20 national team warning that the country “get ready”.

“Good morning everyone. This is a message for Argentinian, for him chiki Tapia, Javier Mascherano, for the entire Argentine Under-20 team, because I am on a trip, a tour in Central Asia, and today I am here in Tashkent, which is the capital of Uzbekistan”, he began.

Then he referred to Uzbekistan, Argentina’s first rival for the debut on May 20 at the Madre de Ciudades stadium in Santiago del Estero.

“Uzbekistan is the team that is going to play the U-20 opening match against Argentina, and so we are here at the stadium to watch a First Division match in Uzbekistan. Also today I went to visit the Uzbekistan U-20 national team that is ready to play this opening game of the World Cup.”Infantino assured.

“So, that Argentina is preparing for the party. It’s going to be a great party. The U-20 World Cup is beautiful. See you in Argentina. Uzbekistan is ready. Argentina, I hope and I’m sure that too. And that the party starts very soon. A hug to all. See you very soon,” she concluded.