Gianluca Vialli, star and legend of Italian football, has died

Gianluca Vialli, who played 59 games for the Italian national team and had a stellar career at clubs like Sampdoria, Juventus and ChelseaHe died at the age of 58. She had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2017 and it will be destroyed in remission a year later, but the disease recurred.

“I know I probably won’t die of old age, I hope to live as long as possible, but I feel much more fragile than before”Vialli had said in a Netflix documentary broadcast in March 2022.

He described cancer as “a fellow traveler” that he hoped would eventually leave him alone, after testing his temple. “Illness can teach a lot about who you are and can push you beyond the superficial way we live,” he said.

Vialli, however, He was forced to step down from his role as head of a delegation with the Italian national team last month, saying he needed to overcome a new phase of his illness.


Working with the Italian team, Vialli met the coach again Roberto Mancinia lifelong friend and strike partner when they both played for Sampdoria, where they were known as “the goal twins“.


Mancini and Vialli headed the Italian team that played in Euro 2020, which was postponed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lifting the trophy at the stadium of Wembley. They celebrated with a tearful hug that “it was more beautiful than the hugs we used to give each other when I passed him the ball and he scored goalsVialli said in a television interview with Italy’s RAI in November.

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Vialli in Argentina

In 1994, Juventus then participated in the Omar Sívori Cup: they beat Vélez 2-0 and beat San Lorenzo on penalties to tie 2-2, both matches were played at the Fortín stadium. In the shootout, Vialli stung Oscar Passet, Cuervo’s goalkeeper, who got angry with the striker.