Germany eases entry requirements for Argentine professionals

The reform of the Immigration Law approved by Parliament Germany On June 23, 2023, it began a job attraction policy focused on Argentine professionals What do they seek emigrate through the flexibility of requirements to enter Teutonic territory.

The German Government promotes consular policy in order to alleviate the shortage of qualified labor in various sectors, which is considered as “a brake on economic growth”. In this regard, the national employment agency highlights that during 2022 approximately 200 of 1,200 careers studied had a deficit in the required number of employees.

In this sense, the German Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser, affirmed that “it is the legislation of immigration most modern in the world and pointed out that “at the end of 2022 there was a record of almost two million unfilled vacancies in Germany”.

Germany started an attraction policy for foreign professionals

Immigration Law: German Parliament

The modifications made to the regulations aim to eliminate bureaucratic obstacles and simplify the granting of work permits to non-EU foreigners with higher education, to convert Germany in an attractive destination for those who want to settle in the territory of the ‘old continent’.

The Commission for the Minimum Wage of the European nation set a new increase that places basic salaries at 2,000 euros per month for 40-hour weekly work days. How to apply?

How to apply for a job in Germany through the Immigration Law?

In the first instance, the national visa or “visa einreise” in the Embassy of Germany in Buenos Aires in person, which enables applicants who have a college degree to stay for a six month period and obtain a formal job according to their market skills.

What is citizenship by German declaration about?

The corresponding requests must be carried out through the portal .do-it-in-germany . But, the body in charge of approving the candidates and communicating the authorization to carry out a remunerative activity legally is the Federal Labor Agency.

“Germany It has been a country of immigration for some time now and it should continue to be so. To guarantee our well-being, we are committed to a skilled immigration”, stated the German Federal ChancellorOlaf Schölz.

In this line, the federal Minister of Labor, Hubertus Heil, analyzed that “we compete with many countries for intelligent minds and capable hands. Hiring the right people guarantees prosperity in Germany” and, he emphasized that “securing our knowledge base skilled labor is one of Germany’s biggest economic tasks in the coming decades.”

Professionals from Argentina who emigrated to Germany
National visa to work in Germany

What are the requirements to emigrate and work in Germany?

  • Have a university degree

  • have the chance card for the search of occasional jobs and residence for one year. Points are scored by people who have knowledge of the language, professional experience and ties to the country.

Countries of the European Union make the entry of workers more flexible due to lack of labor

Which professions are currently most needed in Germany?

  • Health personnel: patients and personnel specialized in caring for the elderly.
  • Software development: software and hardware support, computer security, data science.

  • Engineers: construction planning, architecture and automotive industry

  • Graduate scientists and mathematicians: research, computer science, marketing, administration.

Professionals from Argentina who emigrated to Germany
Non-community health professionals

One of the main novelties of the Immigration Law is the ‘Opportunities card’ that serves as a residence permit for one year to be able to access temporary jobs, while you are in the process of finding out a permanent activity.

It is based on a point system, which will be awarded in case of: linguistic knowledge, the extent of experience in the professional aspect, age and connection with Germany.