“Gas from Vaca Muerta is six times cheaper than what we import”

On June 27, Perfil Educación presented the new event entitled The Future of Vaca Muerta, within the framework of the Corporate Agenda organized by Grupo Perfil. The meeting had a special program format, it was published live by Perfil.com with extensive coverage in PERFIL and Revista Noticias. It will also be televised by the Net channel. A special program that brings together the main personalities of the oil sector to present and discuss the latest trends and technologies applied in the industry.

The program was opened by Claudio Celano Gómez, editor-in-chief of Fortuna magazine and who introduced Flavia Royón, Secretary of Energy of the Nation, who, due to scheduling reasons, could not be present at the event and participated via streaming. “Gas from Vaca Muerta is up to six times cheaper than the gas we import. Vaca Muerta has had an extraordinary learning curve with the producers and those who bet in the first place. Today it exhibits productivity levels on a par with the best countries in the world, and we have to take advantage of and convert these resources into wealth, and for that we need investment. With this bet that private companies have made, they have shown that Vaca Muerta is a world-class resource,” said the Secretary of Energy.

In addition, Royón spoke about his management with Minister Sergio Massa: “Since we took office with Sergio Massa, the minister understood how necessary and how strategic it was to finish this gas pipeline as soon as possible and, with his imprint, which has been very much on top of this work, it will be finished in record time. This is a before and after in the development of Vaca Muerta, this first section will provide the possibility of evacuation of Vaca Muerta by almost 30%”.

Víctor Bronstein, director of the Center for the Study of Energy, Politics and Society (Ceepys) and tenured professor at the University of Buenos Aires, also participated in the event. He analyzed not only the future of Vaca Muerta for Argentine energy development, but also the current benefits.

“Vaca Muerta changed the energy scenario of our country. It has changed our perspective both from energy security and from an economic point of view. It will allow us to save foreign currency from imports, it will generate Argentine work and, in addition, it gives us a very large import perspective, not only for gas, but also for oil,” Bronstein analyzed.

The objective of Agenda Corporativa is to hold meetings to bring together the main political, corporate and specialist figures with the best journalistic team of the Perfil Group to inspire, exchange and generate commitments around the challenges that Argentina will face in each area. The initiative will address topics of vital importance, such as the future of banks and fintech, technology, the agricultural sector, cities of the future, the glass ceiling, among others. The Future of Vaca Muerta was carried out thanks to the sponsorship of YPF, KPMG Argentina, Trafigura, Puma Energy and Shell.

* Events coordinator in Perfil Educación.