Gago suffers three important casualties ahead of the match against Talleres

Careers award of injuries Maximiliano Romero, Matías Rojas and Aníbal Morenoso the coach fernando gago He will not be able to count on any of them for the match against Workshops.

The draw against flamenco calmed the waters at the Academy, but the team gago must recover in the local tournament after the heavy defeat against mouth Juniors 3-1 at La Bombonera.

Rosemary he will not be available for a long period as he suffered a 2 tear in the rectus femoris of the right lower limb at the crossing before the Mengao. Therefore, instead he entered Emiliano Saliadarre.

Turn in the last game, too must leave the field of play anibal morenowho already came with some discomfort and ended up resenting those of Jorge Sampaoli. Lastly, the Paraguayan redwho was not even admitted, will continue with his recovery in his right ankle.