Gabriel Heinze spoke about the attack on the Rocuzzo family business: “It’s crazy”

gabriel heinzDT of Nwell’s, said today that the attack on the supermarket of Lionel Messi’s father-in-law “takes him away” from the possible return to Argentina to wear the shirt of his club of origin.

“I just found out. I started very early (to work) and I communicated it. This drives him away from Leo and any other guy who would like to come back.“, lamented the coach at the press conference.

I think it’s crazy. I am thinking that he is our player and also because of the relationship I have. But also for what can happen to another person. It makes you wonder if it’s worth it, if they give you a place to do the things you feel, in such a beautiful city…Heinze said.

The shooting at the Rocuzzo family supermarket

This Thursday morning two people on a motorcycle They shot at the front of one of the supermarkets owned by the Roccuzzo family. It was in Lavalle 2554, between February 27 and Ocampo (Rosario). Police sources information that he left an extortion note on a piece of paper addressed to the footballer.

“Messi we are waiting for you. Javkin is a narco, he will not take care of you”, says the note that the criminals left. Pablo Javkin is the mayor of the city. The attack occurred at 3:20 a.m.

Note Threat