From Córdoba to Buenos Aires to steal: they disguised themselves as millionaires to assault countries

Between Saturday, January 21, and Sunday, January 22, a robbery worthy of a movie occurred. Two couples entered the exclusive Sofitel La Reserva Cardales hotel in two different vehicles, located next to the country club located on the side of National Route 9, in the Exaltación de la Cruz district, presented their documents and requested their reservations.

Once inside the hotel, the two couples of delinquents they moved with total naturalness to go unnoticed in that environment of millionaires (the night there is around between 100,000 and 150,000 pesos). In the afternoon they walked along the edge of the pool, toured the gym, the spa and took romantic photos in the dining room.

Already for siesta time and under the excuse of visiting the golf course, the four of them crossed to the country’s reserve to “tour”, something that is not very common for hotel guests to do. Then they sat down to drink mate in a green space in the private neighborhood.

The new robbery of the century: a gang took over a million dollars and 42 million pesos from apartments

When night fell on Saturday, a mechanical engineer who lives in the country went out to eat with his friends and did not return until dawn. Upon arrival at your home He found the door to the laundry room forced and reported that the safe in his room had been breached: he was missing 1,000,000 pesos and 10,000 dollars, two wristwatches and two gold chains.

The search

At that moment, the neighbors remembered the four subjects having a picnic in the country park and the agents of the Campana Departmental Investigation Delegation began to review the security cameras until they found the suspects.

At that moment, he realized that one of the couples had already left the hotel that same Saturday night, without verify nor breakfast.

The story of the Second Robbery of the Century: how the same robbers almost robbed the same bank

In one of the cameras it was observed how one of the couples left in a Peugeot 3008 car, a vehicle that was later found abandoned with a flat tire in the Buenos Aires town of Escobar. The authorities verified that the vehicle had been stolen on January 17, five days before this robbery, in the Castelar area. It had the patented plate changed.

The identities of the thieves were kept in the Sofitel records: Miguel Ángel Ocampo (32), and Karen Daiana Domínguez (25), both residing in the town of Loma Hermosa, in the Buenos Aires district of 3 February; and María Celeste Franco Esquivel (31) and Marcos Daniel González (40), based in the city of Córdoba.

The couple who stole in the country and was later arrested

On February 10, the Buenos Aires couple was captured: He was hiding in an aguantadero between the matches of San Martín and 3 de Febrero.

As it became known, González is not impromptu in the matter and had already posed as a millionaire to rob on other occasions.

Robberies in Country
González, expert in criminal matters

He was accused and sentenced for having integrated a band that on Christmas Eve and Christmas of 2016 He assaulted ten mansions in Nordelta and won loot of $2,000,000.

González was arrested in March 2017 at his home in the first section of the Liceo neighborhood, in the city of Córdoba. A Volkswagen Amarok van and an Alfa Romeo car were parked on the street. González served his sentence and in the middle of the pandemic he returned to freedom,

Now he has been a fugitive for a month and a half with his girlfriend.


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