For Cordoba’s ‘The Academy’, Mar del Plata was not ‘the Happy’

Racing de Nueva Italia is still at odds with the win. Yesterday in Mar del Plata they lost 3-1 against the needy Aldosivi and weakened their streak to five games without being able to claim victory in the First National, with three draws and two defeats. The setback complicates ‘The Academy’, which tries to hold its own in the batch of teams that would play the Reduced for the second promotion.

On the cold and rainy afternoon in Mar del Plata, the team led by ‘Chiquito’ Bossio chose to cede the initiative to Tiburón. He let him have the ball and also go too far, while he gathered people on the edge of his box and went for the counterattack. With this strategy, he did not do so badly in the first minutes, since he had the best chances to break the 0-0.

After insisting so much, the local team earned a penalty that only the referees recorded, and Pereyra opened the scoring. 22 minutes went. In the next play it was Racing who ran into a gift -Escobar’s hand- and the chance to equalize from 12 steps, which Coronel did not miss. The restored equality would not last long. ‘Teté’ Quiroz’s squad capitalized on two defensive errors and put things 3-1 before the break.

In addition, Racing improved and searched with more and better resources. But Aldosivi had already made a difference and sought to defend it.

BAD TIME. On the rainy afternoon in Mar del Plata, two rude defensive mistakes by Racing sealed the fate of the game. The improvement at the end did not reach ‘The Academy’. /// PHOTO: ALDOSIVI PRESS

Summary of the party

Aldosivi (3): Lucas Bruera; Emanuel Iñíguez, Manuel Guanini, Stefano Callegari and Ian Escobar; Rufino Lucero, Joaquín Indacoechea, Juan Olivares and Facundo Pereyra; Tobias Cervera and Claudio Riaño. DT: Fernando Quiroz.

Races (1): Leonardo Rodriguez; Santiago Rinaudo, Francisco Mattia, Marcio Gómez and Gianfranco Ferrero, Leonel Monti, Nicolás Cavagnero. Leandro Fernández and Pablo López; Franco Coronel and Joaquin Mateo. DT: Carlos Gustavo Bossio.

Goals: PT, 22m Pereyra (A), penalty; 24m Colonel (D), penalty; 29m Guanini (A); 33m Riano (A).

Changes: ST, start, Axel Oyola for Mattia (R) and Elías Calderón for Ferrero (R); 14m José Méndez for López (R); 22m Walter Berrondo for Mateo (R); 28m Manuel Panaro by Riaño (A); 38m Matías Morello by Pereyra (A); 39m Mateo Castellano by Cavegnaro (D); 43m Brian Guerra for Lucero (A), Elías Torres for Cervera (A) and Emanuel Maciel for Olivares (A).

Admonished: Lucero, Callegari (A); Rinaudo, Calderon (R).

Basketball court: Jose Maria Minella Stadium. Referee: rodrigo rivero.

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