Federico Redondo’s revelation: “My family and I contribute with the Maratea collection”

Federico Redondomidfielder of Argentine Juniors and son of Fernando Redondoconfessed in an interview with ESPN F1 that both he and his family collaborated with the collection started by the influencer Santiago Maratea to settle the debts of independent.

“The Redondo family collaborated with the Santiago Maratea collection. I also contributed”said the soccer player. It should be noted that in 2020 his father revealed to T.N.T. who was always a fan of Redlike his grandfather, his father and his children today.

Fernando Redondo emerged in Argentinos Juniors and that was the only club he played for in Argentine soccer. The former midfielder of the Argentine National Team went to Europe at a very young age and went through clubs like Tenerife, Real Madrid and Milan.

How much money has the Santiago Maratea collection collected?

According to the last record that Santiago Maratea published on his Instagram account, the total collected is $ 687,288,938.22