Facundo Campazzo returns to Real Madrid

After passing through the NBA, the talented Argentine basketball player returns to the club that saw him shine in Europe, with a 4-year contract. His return promises to strengthen the Argentine connection in the team and prepare it for future challenges with the National Team. As reported Roman Iucht is Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

At 32 years old, the talented Argentine basketball player, Facundo Campazzo, return to the club that saw him shine and become a European basketball star. After a successful stage in EuropeCampazzo we began to try our luck in the nbawhere he played two seasons with the denver nuggets and another half season with the dallas mavericks.

Facu Campazzo leaves the Red Star and is about to return to an old love

Despite his time in the most competitive league in the world, it is true that Campazzo was somewhat lost in prominence over time. In the last part of the season, the player served in the Red Star Belgrade. However, a tempting offer fromreal Madrid It has led him to return to his sports home.

Campazzo and a strong revelation of his departure from the NBA: “I found out about…”

“I’m going back to my house,” Campazzo said emotionally as he signed a contract for 4 years with the Spanish club. This decision will reunite him with Santiago gabriel coverwhich will undoubtedly strengthen the Argentine connection in the team.

One of the advantages of his return to Real Madrid is that Campazzo will have great continuity in the game, something essential to stabilize his form and prepare for the next challenges with the Argentine basketball team.