Estudiantes thrashed Belgrano 4-0 in La Plata with a great goal from Benjamín Rollheiser

Affirming his great walk in the Cup South American after turning the series around Barcelona Delaware Ecuador and meters in the round of 16, for the League professional he Students (LP) defeated 4-0 at belgrano Delaware Cordova for the twenty-sixth day.

In the match played at the stadium one, Benjamin rollheiser He scored the first two goals, at 13 and 20 minutes into the first half. The first of them was in a unique way, finishing off from the corner kick, becoming the place for the renowned “Olympic goal”.

Then in the second part, at 17 minutes, the Uruguayan Mauro mendez made it 3-0 and José bland He rounded off the win at 30.

Thanks to this victory, the team from La Plata still has chances to qualify for the Cup liberators of the year, when there is still a date left to finish the next contest, but if you don’t get it, you already have a guaranteed place in the South Americanwhile belgrano keep some hope of entering this last contest.

Regarding the last day for both teams, Students will end their participation in the League professional when you visit a Argentines juniorswhile belgrano will be local vs. rosary beads Central.