Elon Musk changed the Twitter logo to an “X” created by fans

Elon Musk changed the Twitter logoreplacing its signature blue bird with a stylized X as part of the billionaire’s vision to transform the 17-year-old service into a do-it-all app.

It only took 24 hours. On Saturday afternoon, Musk invited his 149 million followers to suggest an X logo, then chose one of the designs and on Sunday made it the company’s new brand identity. The X is now the logo on the social platform’s homepage, Musk’s profile picture, and even part of the loading animations. He confirmed in responses to followers that he intends to adopt it as an interim designwhich “will probably change later, will surely be refined”.

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The graphic was later screened at the Twitter offices in San Francisco and was sent as a background image by CEO Linda Yaccarino, who tweeted her support and a photo of the building with the X.

While doing collaborative work on the logo, Musk changed his profile information to read “X.com,” a web address that now redirects to the corresponding user pages on twitter.com. The move is part of a broader review that will remove all familiar branding of “Twitter” and birdssaid.

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Twitter’s blue badge is recognized well beyond the limits of the social platform: Websites and apps have provided direct tweeting tools for years, and the logo has been imprinted in American history thanks to former US President Donald Trump’s proclamations on the service.

Abrupt change occurs when Twitter faces a sharp decline in ad dollars and new rival Threads from Meta Platforms Inc., a service that this month racked up 100 million users within five days of launch. Threads’ debut was met with derision by Musk, who accused it of being a copycat service due to its similarities to Twitter.

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The billionaire’s stated intentions for Twitter have fluctuated over time, as they initially began as a quest to remove bots on the service and preserve free speech. Since then he has spoken of Twitter as an accelerator to offer Xhis vision of a one-size-fits-all app, similar to Tencent Holdings Ltd’s WeChat.

In supportive tweets on Sunday, the newly appointed Yaccarino explained that X is conceived as a “AI-powered global marketplace of ideas, goods, services and opportunities. It would include payments and banking along with audio, video and messaging.