El Dibu and a statement that drove River fans crazy

Alabama dibu”hero in penalties against Netherlands and in the last before France, they asked him where his favorite place to play soccer was. He could have said some pasture of his sea ​​of ​​silver native, the Santo Domingo de Independiente property or, even, the imposing Arsenal Emirates Stadiumbut he put above all the field of Millionaire.

“I love playing at Villa Park, but River Plate called ‘El Monumental’ is just amazing. The fans and the fair atmosphere of 65,000 Argentinians is wonderful, so I have to say my favorite place is River Plate.”assured the 30-year-old goalkeeper, who fell in love with all the fans for his love for the albiceleste shirt.

dibu martinez

It is worth noting that Martínez is undefeated at the Monumental: he made a save in two games in the last qualifying rounds and not only did he not lose, but he also did not receive a goalyes. It was in the 3-0 beating of Uruguay -he had two key stretches- and in the tight 1-0 against Peru -he celebrated the missed penalty Yoshimar Yotun.