Eighth edition of Buenos Aires celebrates Japan

The mobile in charge of Magui Moscardo came to the vicinity of what will be the eighth edition of the “Buenos Aires celebrates Japan“, an event that will take place in the City and that will have free admission. All the information about it, in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

Buenos Aires Japan celebrates its eighth edition this Sunday between 12 noon and 6 p.m., on Avenida de Mayo between Bolívar and Chacabuco. This occurs within the framework of the 125th anniversary of the signing of the friendship treaty between Argentina and Japan. It is a great event where there will be more than 40 gastronomic, craft and cultural stands, among other things.

Those who attend will be able to enjoy different flavors of Japanese food. In conversation with Akira Takeuchi, who is a Japanese chef here in Buenos Aires, and participated in several editions of this event, he told what it is about.

“Sunday is the event. There will be many homemade food stalls, typical crafts from Japan. There are ceremonial parties, dances, martial arts, demonstration of different dance teams, ”she explained.

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Not only the food will be the main attraction, but also various expressions of what is the ancient Japanese culture. Faced with this, we also consulted Mercedes Bárbara, who is the General Director of Collectivities of the City Government and is in charge of organizing the event.

“We are carrying out the eighth edition of the Buenos Aires celebrates Japanwhich is a program that seeks to make visible and give spaces to all the cultures that coexist in the City through joint work between the City Government and the Japanese community”, he stated.

And he added that “those who come will be able to find a bit of everything that this ancient culture has to bring us closer and share, such as karate, kendo, traditional dances, typical clothing, exquisite cuisine and also the most modern cultural branches that They came very close to young people like anime and manga”.

“We hope that we can get closer to share, live and enjoy in the heart of Buenos Aires,” he concluded.


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