David Beckham with an open heart with Messi’s arrival in Miami: “It’s wonderful, he wants to leave a legacy”

They have been mobilizing days for the world of football with the arrival of Lionel Messi Alabama Bury miami and went David beckhamone of the major culprits in his landing in the MLSwho referred to the presence of the Argentine captain in the club of the coastal city in state Joined.

as was to be imagined, beckhamone of the owners of the new club MessiHe was fascinated with the arrival of the Argentinian star and stated that his objective is “leave a legacy“While revealing that this Sunday’s presentation had a record number of viewers.

First of all, we see Leo very happy to be here. He does his own shopping, goes out to dinner, and spends time with his family. You want to inspire the next generation in a different country, you want to leave a legacy“, held beckham about the present of the captain of the Argentine national team.

In addition, he added about the presentation event at the intermiami:”Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and we had 3.5 billion viewers that night. It’s an incredible number for MLS and it will grow as the games go by.”

“To have Leo out there talking to the young players, the youth players, telling them what to do, where to run, when to pass. That’s wonderful, that’s what we envision for our club. Seeing that was a very emotional moment for me.” , continued the ex-soccer player in statements to Clarion.

Regarding the moment in which the decision of MessiHe recounted: “I was on a trip through Japan and I woke up at 6 in the morning with the ringing. Victoria (his wife) looked at me thinking: ‘Really, a phone call at this time?’ But it was the best call he’s had in a long time.”

The real moment I understood that Leo was coming to Inter was when I saw him get off his plane at the airport, which is 150 meters away. That’s when I thought: ‘Okay, we did it.closed.