Daniel Menéndez: “Larreta does not last even two seconds with his program”

This Thursday the 4th, the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof did not rule out seeking re-election by stating that would be “natural” featuring in this year’s comics. Although he indicates that it is a “permanent request” by the mayors, he clarified that the decision will be part of the general strategy adopted by the Frente de Todos, so it will be “collective.”

But in his message to the militants, the governor went further: “It is they, the ones on the right, who are talking about blowing up the Argentine state. Every time they talk about dynamiting, ask what right they want to keep. It’s looting.”

In keeping with this speech, the national coordinator of Barrios de Pie, daniel menendez used: “Larreta does not last even two seconds with his program, nor a week of government if they want to advance on the rights of workers and workers (…) It does not last even an inch, Milei will not be able to make a decision without being flood the streets of Argentina denouncing their model of exclusion”

The governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, affirmed that the leaders who “now want to dynamite the State and promise to adjust, when they governed, destroyed the police and their salaries,” by leading the graduation of cadets from the Police School’ Juan Vucetich’ and motorcycle drivers in an act that took place in the Buenos Aires district of Vicente López.

He analyzed that the governments of Mauricio Macri and María Eugenia Vidal “melted the province and the police”, pointed out that “when we took office, there were 6,000 fewer agents than at the beginning of the previous stage” and described this management as “a true disaster “.

The referent of Barrios Pie was explicit in his criticism of the Buenos Aires head of government: “Horacio Rodríguez Larreta thinks that the social task is intermediation (…) We build bridges and build community. The right wants us broken. For them it is a problem that social organizations are an element that will put a brake on the right”, discard.

Later he threatened: “Larreta does not last two seconds with his program. The government does not last a week if it wants to advance on the rights of workers. It doesn’t last a minute, Milei won’t be able to make a decision without flooding the streets of Argentina, challenging her model of exclusion, hunger and bad people”.


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