Dalic, coach of Croatia, pointed against Argentina and FIFA for The Best: “I am disappointed”

The Best gala was still for Argentina: Lionel Messi, won as the best player, Emiliano Martínez, as the best goalkeeper, Lionel Scaloni, established himself as the best coach and even the Argentine fans received an award. But it seems that from Europe he did not like the final result very much or the nominations. The coach of the Croatia national team, zlatko dalicI aim against everyone.

As DT of a selected, Dalic could vote in the awards, but he did not do it and published a letter implying that the Croatian team did not have the recognition it deserves.

“I am disappointed with FIFA’s attitude towards the Croatian national team. Based on everything we have achieved, we deserve more respect from the governing body of world football than we have received. We are the only team to have been in the top four in the cycle between the World Cup and this League of Nations. We occupy the front pages worldwide, winning the best team in the world, Brazil, and, together with France, we are the only team that has won two medals in the last two World CupsDalic wrote. Croatia lost the final in Russia 2018 against the French team and in Qatar 2022, they lost to the step in semifinal.

The DT criticized what happened with Argentina in that match that ended 3-0 with a brilliant performance by MessYo: “I feel like we didn’t get the respect we deserve. Both the schedules we had and the quality of refereeing, especially in the semifinals, made me feel that the Croatian team was being disrespected. I firmly believe that both our performance on the pitch and our conduct away from it earn us the same respect that we show our opponents every game.”

In the list of footballers who fought against Messi to win the best player award, only Luka Modric appeared from Croatia and that also made Dalic angry: “After all that, look at the list of the 14 players for The Best for best player . Apart from Luka Modric, where are the other Croatian players? Is there really no room for Mateo Kovacic? Where is the name of Gvardiol? He entered the best once in both the World Cup and the Bundesliga. And doesn’t Livakovic deserve to be one of the five finalists for best goalkeeper after all he did in Qatar?”