Córdoba capital elects mayor between Daniel Passerini and Rodrigo De Loredo

10.55. Luis Juez: “It has been an ugly campaign”

“It has been a horrible, ugly campaign, full of stupid crosses, which do not solve the problems of the neighbors. The campaign has not been good. Those who wield power discourage participation. We are seeing limits that are being transposed 40 years after democracy, ”said Luis Juez after casting his vote.

22.10 Schiaretti: “I hope that the percentage is high”

Governor Juan Schiaretti said he hopes that “the percentage of voters is high” after casting his vote in the election for mayor of Córdoba.

07-23-2023 Schiaretti vote mayor Córdoba

“I ask all the inhabitants of the city of Córdoba who went to the polls en masse”Schiaretti added.

“I must not comment on political statements at this time”He said when asked about the position of Juntos por el Cambio regarding electoral participation.

9.47. Héctor Campana: “All citizens have to participate”

“The balance is normal. The tables have opened normally. It is a democratic day that we want to develop with total normality. We are working for that. It is a democratic day, it is a celebration of democracy. All the citizens of Córdoba have to participate”, assured Campana.

07-23-2023 We United for Córdoba Mayor breakfast

When asked by cordoba profile On the request of the Municipal Electoral Board, he replied: “I think the publication was not happy. But I repeat, we have ratified at all times that people have to participate. It is the moment where I needed the future, nobody has to stay at home. Everyone has to participate. It’s what we’ve always been saying”.

I want to reiterate that the electoral board was elected in the Deliberative Councilin the place where policies are discussed in the city of Córdoba, with the vote of all the councilors”, he concluded.

9.33 Vilches: “We want to call on the population to express themselves with their vote on this day”

“First of all, we want to call on the population to express themselves with their vote on this day. In recent days we have witnessed these campaigns to disseminate the ruling party, discouraging participation to impose the weight of the large apparatuses”, said the Fitu candidate.

07-23-2023 Laura Vilches vote for FITU mayor election

“Against this, We call to participate and manifest at the polls their anger and discontent with traditional politics, strengthening an own alternative, of the great majorities, of those who are always on the same side and who never disappoint. A clear message must be given in this regard, ”he added.

9.27. Sikora called on the neighbors to vote

07-23-2023 Sikora vote for elections mayor Córdoba

“I ask the neighbors that today we all make an exemplary demonstration to the country. Let’s go vote, let’s not be silenced by those who seek to hinder this right to choose. Córdoba has always been an example of progress and revolution, today we are not the exception, let’s get involved”, said the candidate of La Libertad Primero.

9.17 Juan Negri: “Go en masse to vote”

The campaign manager of Together for Change, Juan Negri, asked the people of Cordoba “that they go en masse to votethat they not be confused by all this information that has been circulated in recent times, of the non-fine, of the one requested from the municipal electoral Board ”.

“We have already made the presentations with our representatives of the case,” he told cordoba profile at the time I request “To all the people of Cordoba who express themselves for the party they want, but who express themselves in a massive way”.

07-23-2023 Breakfast Together for Change Córdoba mayoral election

“Second, make a call for attention because today I heard that only 90 percent of the tables will be there at 12 at night. We ask the Electoral Board that clearly and with great precision, it can have 100% of the polling stations scrutinized in the most precise time possible”Negri added.

“They already anticipated that there will be 10% that will be illegible, that they will have some type of problem. I don’t know how they do at half past eight to find out. From Together for Change we are going to contribute all our teams of lawyers and attorneys so that it is a clear, transparent process and that the will of all the residents of our city can be expressed“, held.

08.53 The comedians develop normally

07-23-2023 Elections mayor Córdoba

With the usual delays in the formation of the tables in some schools, the elections take place normally.

08:01 The electoral act began

From 8 the people of Cordoba go to the polls to choose to the successor of Martín Llaryora in the mayor’s office of the city of cordoba.

They are empowered to cast the ballot through the Single Ballot system around 1,133,317 voters.

The authorities decided that there Free transport to facilitate the transfer of table authorities and voters during the comedians that will last until 6:00 p.m.


There will be 11 candidates who will seek to be the 11th mayor, since the return of democracy. The next The local head of government will come out of one of the two main forces, which have polarized the election. The big question is the level of participation, in July for governor it barely exceeded 68%, the lowest in history.

In the elections this Sunday, they are empowered to pay 1,129,853 voters who will be able to do so at the 3,285 tables arranged in the 448 voting centers in the Capital.

The campaign was colored by complaints, insecurity and some proposals. The rarefied climate led Daniel Passerini and Rodrigo de Loredo to a heads-up that begins to be defined at 8 in the morning when the schools open.

“Hot” campaign: crossed complaints until the last minute

Martín Llaryora chose Daniel Passerini to be his letter of continuity. He will be accompanied by the former president of PRO Javier Pretto for the commitment of Hacemos Unidos by Córdoba. approximately the final result (which is expected for midnight) a historical event will occur. Peronism can revalidate the mandate, something that never happened in the capital or, for the first time, a government that has good approval ratings can hand power over to the opposition.


Rodrigo de Loredo, the radical from Evolución who is presenting himself with Soher El Sukaria (PRO), is the one who is looking for his own territory. He was supported by all the parties that make up Together for Change, mainly by the main national swords of the Pro, from Mauricio Macri, Patricia Bullrich, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and María Eugenia Vidal, among many others.


It is the second consecutive attempt to reach the 6 de Julio Palace. In 2019 he finished third behind Llaryora and Luis Juezhis current political partner and who comes from being narrowly defeated on June 25 in the provincial elections.

Any result will change the provincial political map

For Martín Llaryora it is a personal battle. He wants, fights, fights so that the winner of these elections is his current vice mayor Passerini. For the elected governor, it is not the same to build a future with an opponent in the capital. In the last meeting with businessmen, he came to describe them as a “controller.”

Municipal elections: which other towns will also elect mayors and community leaders in Córdoba

His management in the province is marked by constant negotiation and agreement for each of the laws that he tries to carry out. Having a rival in the municipality, who is shaping up as an opponent, is another headache that Llaryora wants to avoid.

fight vote to vote

According to the consultants, Sunday will be a close contest with an uncertain outcome. None show polls with a serene margin of victory. Very different from what happened in the provincial election, where even national policy portals shamelessly showed poll numbers with results of overwhelming victories.

“This Sunday is key, we have worked much more than for the provincial election,” admits a llaryorista official. On the side of Together for Change, they remain confident that the trend “always had Rodrigo in favor.”

The last choice as a guide

When the people of Cordoba elected a governor, a map was painted in the capital. It was possible to know which neighborhoods and sectionals chose each one. In each bunker they know the floor, and they want to raise their ceilings. METERArtín Llaryora won over Luis Juez by 56,219 votes, which represented a gap of 7.8%.

But the key is in the number of people who went to vote. On June 25, 67.7% went to the polls of the capital census, a few points below the historical average.

The PJ bet heavily on territorial work and capitalizing votes for the “narco scandal”

In this sense, this Saturday a strong repudiation by Juntos por el Cambio will reinforce an advertisement hired by the Municipal Electoral Board – in charge of this Sunday’s elections – in which, in an unusual way and in a never opportune fact, it has been seen to clarify that although voting is mandatory, those who do not vote will not be penalized with a fine for lack of regulation of electoral infractions.


the rest of the forces

The polarization of the main forces may end up benefiting some parties. They will be far from the dispute, but strengthening their core of voters.

To win a seat in the Capital, between 20,000 and 22,000 votes (between 2.7 and 3 points) are necessary.

In previous polls, the third force is the blank vote. Let’s see what happens this Sunday. But in all the polls there is a coincidence: Laura Vilches.

The teacher and candidate of the Left Front and the Unity Workers aspires to retain the current bench. Like Juan Pablo Quinteros, but now for another party “We are Córdoba”. Córdoba Neighborhood Meeting will go with the list headed by César Orgaz, to reach the legislative body.

The open question is Verónica Sikora, who is running for the libertarian option La Libertad Primero.

Humberto Spaccesi (Córdoba de Todos), Jorge Scala (Democratic Party), Miguel Bustos (Popular Party), Romina Giménez (Federal Popular Union) and Eduardo Olguín (Humanist Party) complete the proposals, although with little chance of entering the Council.