Concern grows in Independiente due to the injury of one of its references

is Independent of Avellaneda The bad news reappeared and this occurred at the end of Tuesday’s practice held at the Villa Domínico property in which, Ivan Marcone is derived injured.

The former Lanús will undergo medical studies with the purpose of evaluating his state of health and knowing if he will be an obligatory absence in the commitment against Tigre that corresponds to the date 16 of the tournament.

If the injury to the team captain is confirmed, the probable replacement could be Agustín Mulet, who returned to work with his colleagues after suffering a hamstring tear in his left leg.

It should be clarified that Marcone’s injury was performed while the group was working on movements in reduced sectors and at no time did he receive a blow. After noticing the physical discomfort, the soccer player requested medical attention.