Concern among the industry about “the lack of clarity” of the agreements with China

The Argentine Chamber of Electronic, Electromechanical and Lighting Industries (CADIEEL) expressed its concern in a statement “Given the lack of clarity of the different agreements and commitments developed with Chinese companies, in the field of energy infrastructure works”.

In addition, he asked for clarification What will be the role of the national industry?

The agreement reached by the government will allow the construction of the “Presidente Dr. Nestor C. Kirchner” and “Gobernador Jorge Cepernic” Hydroelectric Plants to continue.

“The elaboration of “National Plan for Energy Transition to 2030” arouses uncertainty in the national energy sector. What role will the national industry have in the infrastructure works for the distribution of the energy produced? How will you invest in financing and support programs for the national industry to develop the necessary capacities? When will work be done on a program of actions that allows the coordination of the entire value chain?”, the Chamber would miss.

In this regard, the president of the CADIEEL Energy Commission, César Obregón, said: “Our industry, which exports to more than 60 countries, has more than 30 manufacturers with the necessary experience and capacity to carry out infrastructure works for transmission, high and low voltage transformer stations to bring that energy to the rest of the country.”

Argentina and China: between opportunity and economic dependence

For his part, Jose Tamboreneapresident of CADIEEL, told PERFIL: “We want to know the degree of participation of the Argentine industry or if there are restrictions in the contracts that inhibit their participation or condition the supply of origin, in this case, Chinese.”

“The energy sector in Argentina is up to the task of providing responses with high added value, revitalizing a key productive sector in the generation of jobs. Our industry must be part of this important stage in the development of the energy sector,” the statement said.

The camera asks for clarity

“It is necessary to stipulate Who will be in charge of carrying out the works? to guarantee the supply of energy to all demanding sectors”, he added.

“However, there is not enough clarity on the scope of foreign funding at this point and, from the Chamber, the concern is that the national industry is left out of a project that involves the country’s natural resources. From the sector, it is still waiting for the relevant authorities to give an answer in this regard, ”he concluded.