Coccaro spiced up the classic in the Huracán-San Lorenzo preview: “We are…”

The Uruguayan striker Hurricane Matías Cóccaro surely the cast of Parque Patricios is the “favorite” in the classic against San Lorenzoto be held next Sunday from 7:15 p.m., for the sixth date of the professional league.

We are the favourites, we have been playing better. They come in handy, with their coach they have an identity, they defend themselves and play against them. But we have to take responsibility for being local and go looking for the win”, the player said in statements to T&C Sports.

besides, cóccaro made mention of the good present of the club of Park patricians and defined the classic as one of the objectives of the squad: “Enjoying this moment, thinking about the classic. It is a game that is played all year, for us the first objective was to qualify for the Cup, now the second is to win on Sunday” , sign.

The front of the balloons reveal how he thinks the game will be against the team led by ruben insua: “We know that it is a team that wants to keep zero and then look for the goal in a dirty play or against. We went out to look for the matches, it is a classic and a special match”.

To close, the ex striker of Montevideo city explained why he thinks Hurricane is the favorite to win the classic against him Cyclone: “We have to keep doing what we are doing, we want to play constantly but we are sacrificed. The eleven of us fought, the group is strong and we will leave everything for Huracán. It will be 1-0 with my goal“.