Chicho Serna brought peace of mind from the hospital: “Ibarra will be in practice tomorrow”

Mauricio Sernamember of the soccer department mouth Juniorssaid today that the coach Hugo Ibarra “He’s fine, he’ll stay hospitalized tonight and tomorrow he’ll direct the practice,” speaking to the press at the door of the Italian Hospital of San Justo, where the coach will remain hospitalized.

“Hugo is fine, he is calm, he is super good. More than anything I go out to talk to give everyone peace of mind. What happened to him can happen to anyone. He will be here one day as a precaution and luckily tomorrow he will be in practice“, announced serna.

a mid afternoon Mouth He uploaded an image of the smiling coach on his official networks, sitting on the bed of one of the hospital rooms. The photo was accompanied by the official medical report that said: “Patient Hugo Ibarra was admitted to the Emergency Center of the Italian Hospital of San Justo today, at 11:30 a.m., due to a nosebleed of three hours of evolution. There he was attended in conjunction with the otorhinolaryngology service. Nasal epistaxis of arterial origin was identified, which was controlled with local treatment. The patient remained stable from admission to the hospital and his admission was decided for evolutionary follow-up”, said the report carried the member of the Italian Hospital and is signed by the medical management.

Because of the symptoms that I manifest ibarra, in the Ezeiza property, he believes that it is a pressure problem due to the intense heat wave these days. In any case, by routine control, they will ask the service technician Mouth all the necessary studies to rule out another type of pathology.