Champions League: Real Madrid and Manchester City tied

The planets collided, the good thing is that we are still alive and that we will have revenge in a week. That is the “added value” that the real Madrid and the manchester city will face each other in the most important tournament in the world, according to what Román Iucht reported in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

Being a semifinal instance, instead of a single match, play match and rematch. Each one trying to become strong from their town. Yesterday they played in the Santiago Bernabeu. He started it by winning the real Madridafter a submission, with control of the ball, from City.

We found what we imagined we were going to see. In that first time, 83% possession of Pep Guardiola’s teammaking “use and abuse” of handling the ball, with no less detail, which is that Real Madrid the ball doesn’t need a lot of time to do damagesneezes and scores a goal.

Intense draw between Real Madrid and Manchester City for the first leg of the Champions League semifinal

And so it was, within the framework of a great counterattack led by Eduard Camavinga, the Frenchman against whom Argentina played in the World Cup final, who entered in the second half and changed the face of the French team. The play concluded with a tremendous Vinícius’s forehandone of the best strikers on the planet.

In the plugin, the Manchester City tied the matchalso with a distant shot, in this case from the Belgian kevin debruyne, to maintain an unbeaten record for the English team that, at this point, has accumulated 21 games without losing, 17 wins and 4 draws. With 61 goals for and 13 goals against in 21 games that he has been undefeated. It’s more than just a streak.

manchester city fight on all fronts. He is going to play in the FA Cup final, he is very close to being champion of the Premier leagueand with great possibilities of, if he obtains a good result in the rematch, obtaining the great title, a pending subject that has been denied to them, since the times when Pep Guardiola was in charge of Barcelona Leo Messi.

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The numbers for Real Madrid are not very encouraging, when they have had to define series as a visitor after equalizing the first leg. Of ten chances, they only advanced in two, but the wink of fate shows them that both were playing in Manchesternot against City, but against United, but traveling to the city where the rematch match will be played.

Pep Guardiola Having as a personal brand does not usually make changes, playing with them during the ninety-odd minutes that the game lasts. “Has been a tremendously tough matchin the rematch we will see how we can improve and be more effective”, said the coach.

Besides, Carlos Ancelotti He analyzed the game, saying: “We deserved to win.” The rematch will be played on May 17, and there, yes or yes, there will be a winner.


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