CFK, Máximo, Massa and Alberto: the internal of the FDT for how to define the IMF in the face of the elections

He Agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will once again be the protagonist in the speeches that Kirchnerism prepares for these 2023 elections. However, within the ruling coalition the differences are much more specific than the mere non-existent dialogue between the president Alberto Fernandez and vice Cristina Kirchner: max kirchner and sergio masa They are protagonists in this topic, and although they also maintain a fluid dialogue, they have extremely different views, or at least they will try to make it clear from The Camporegroup that the national deputy leads.

What to do with the IMF? Cristina Kirchner goes for moderation and Máximo Kirchner for the hard voter

If we had to analyze the public speeches of Cristina Kirchner and her son, it would seem that they are not entirely aligned in their diagnoses regarding what to do with the debt that Mauricio Macri’s management took on and renegotiated, with Martín Guzmán and Sergio Massa at the helm. head -in different instances-, the government of Alberto Fernández. But the truth is that The best way to understand the electoral tone is to seek to capitalize from the moderate to the most extremist.

And that is the role that they will now divide: as in every election year, Cristina begins to veer towards moderation and pragmatism, such as when she spoke of reviewing the agreement with the Fund but clarifying that “no to not pay”, and remembering the moment in which he gave his support to the current president, while Máximo, who “has no candidacy to think about”, as he said from a sector of the merger, will remain in the same hard position that led him to fight with alberto and vote against the agreement in the national congress. “Maximo represents those who have a critical diagnosis of the agreement with the IMF,” a political analyst explained to PROFILE, recalling their differences when “Alberto sold it as something wonderful.”

Kirchnerism launched the “operational cry”: there is no other possible candidacy than that of Cristina Kirchner

That explains the statement from La Cámpora yesterday, Monday, March 13, that hours after meeting a new understanding between the government and the Fund to make the goals of the Central Bank’s reserves more flexible, came out with a much more pessimistic message than the “relief” that massismo and albertismo sold. “The ideas that by force of extortion and lacking reasons are imposed in our country based on the approval given by the Argentine Congress, call attention and could even be comic – if there were no negative consequences for Argentines and Argentines – the notice.

“That the Argentine men and women vote what they want, but the economy of the country is decided by the IMF: that is what today’s Communiqué makes clear. Democracy? Good, thank you,” he adds, in another passage.

Massa is not Guzmán: Kirchnerism cannot hit him directly

Despite the harsh message from the group led by Máximo, Between the lines it can be seen that the Minister of Economy is never mentioned. Nor in the speeches of the Vice President. And if he ever mentions it, it is to support his management, as did Andrés “El Cuervo” Larroque. It is that Massa is not Guzmán: he is not a Minister of Economy that Kirchnerism wanted him to leave, he is an Economy Minister who put Kirchnerism in place, and with whom they even project a possible electoral alliance together with “Wado” De Pedro, according to trust the sources of the electoral assembly of the Frente de Todos to this medium.

“Democracy? Well, thank you”, La Cámpora exploded over Massa’s new agreement with the IMF

That project is still frozen while INDEC announces inflation of 6.6% for the month of February, but the best proof that it exists was seeing the Minister of the Interior taking pictures with high authorities of Grupo Clarín, seeking to capitalize on the business community and giving samples of moderation.

In any case, Massa’s team did not expect such a strong statement. “There is a fluid dialogue between Sergio and Máximo, and Sergio knew that there would be a statement, only that something so harsh was not expected,” they specified to PROFILE.

The difference is that, at least, with Massa there is dialogue and protection, a barrier that has already been crossed a while ago with the head of state, with whom the dialogue is broken and there is no filter from Kirchnerism to refer to his management, publicly.


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