Cascini unloaded all his anger after the defeat of Boca: “Tired of being harmed”

Undoubtedly, one of the focuses of the triumph of River about Mouth by the date 15 of the professional league will be put in Dario Herrerathe arbitrator in charge of imparting justice in the Super classic and who charged a dubious penalty of Stupidity about solari in the agony of the encounter.

One of the first leaders of the Boquense leadership leadership was Raul Cascini, who repudiated the actions of the referee and unloaded all his post-match anger: “We’re tired of being handicapped on that court“, he blurted out.

“We are tired that every time we go to that court we feel wronged. Last time it was Red’s play and today the same thing,” he said.

“If you analyze the game well, the players who did not expel River as the play Casco that hits Villa and he did not reprimand and played the entire game for free. Or that of Enzo Pérez that he was reprimanded and hits him to Advinculate and charge in reversewhen I had to kick him out. Or Enzo Diaz’s that he was reprimanded and just started the second half gives him a kick to Villa that it was for expulsion,” he added.

“We want to compete, not cry or speak ill of anyone because can make mistakesbut unfortunately every time we go to that field they commit them all together”, explained the Mosquito.

“I should have sent off before, we all know that the game changes. You have to throw the players out at any minute and not tell them what they think. Don’t fuck with that. We are already tired of playing dumbwe don’t want more”, shot Cascini.

“We are hot, we don’t want to make more of idiots, we have to go out and talk and nothing else. The thing about Palavecino even his colleagues criticized him. The referee had to act quickly and it was all over ”, he concluded.