Carlos Tevez did not forgive Paris Saint-Germain and criticized him for his handling of Messi: “They never took care of him”

After the controversial days that passed Lionel Messi in it paris saint germain proving that his days in the French club were numbered, he had the opinion of Carlos Tevez that a defender came out to his ex-partner from the Argentine national team.

“From the first moment he arrived, the club never took care of him,” argued Tevez, referring to the insults received by Messi and the sanction that the club imposed on him for missing one of the training sessions.

“It will be for the World Cup or for something else, but you can’t treat a player like that who has led PSG to know him,” he added about the mismanagement of the psg with Messi.

then the ex Mouth He added that Messi’s response was exemplary. “Messi makes us give a blow of humility to the whole world”.

“If I told myself, being a world champion, that I had to apologize for going on a trip when I had a day off, I would go back to Rosario and stay there drinking mates. They had to apologize to me, but Messi puts the club first and foremost and you have to take off your hat”, commented Carlitos.

Tevez gave his opinion on River’s present

In addition to talking about Messi, the former coach of center rosary referred to the present Millionaire by the hand of Martin Demichelis.