Benjamin Cremaschi and the madness that Lionel Messi came out with: “They even stole his shorts”

Movie days are lived in the Bury miami and one of those in charge of writing his script is none other than lionel Messi, which since its arrival has already begun to generate a unique atmosphere. Fact that he reinforced after scoring the winning goal for his team against Cross blue on his debut.

Entering from the substitute bench, 40 minutes were enough for the Argentine to do his thing and sign his first goal with the team miami with a house specialty, free throws.

As expected, both the teammates and the rivals would go out of their way for the shirt they wore Messi on his debut. It was like that Benjamin Cremaschithe 18-year-old who left the field of play for Rosario, who gave details of the madness that remained for having the 10 shirt.

Everyone asked for the shirt. They even stole his shorts”, assured the Argentine player.

Cremaschi and all of Miami live a dream

In addition to referring to the exaltation generated by the presence of Messi with teammates and rivals intending to keep some memory of the 10, Cremaschi he referred to how they had the moment to leave the playing field in its place.