Belgrano won because of Vegetti’s power and an impassable defense

Intuition, anticipation, vivacity, good looks, leg power, jumping, technique, all of this and more, was exhibited by Pablo Vegetti to score a great goal 30 minutes into the first half. And beyond the great goal, he was one of the figures in Belgrano’s hard-fought 1-0 win against Atlético Tucumán.

The gunner and captain of the ‘Pirata’ has scored 9 goals in these 15 dates of the tournament: a true goal animal. And an undisputed benchmark of this campaign of the cast led by Guillermo Farré in the contest. For this reason, when Alberdi’s Giant collapsed due to the uproar of Belgrano fans for the victory in the run-up to the games with Boca and Talleres, Vegetti grabbed his head, exhausted, and dropped. On the ground, sure, he said it was worth the sacrifice he made throughout the game. Because this victory for date 15 of the Professional League continues to put him in the vanguard positions of the tournament and because of how hard he worked because he played the entire complement with one less player.

At the end of the game, Vegetti said: “I arrived with just enough to this game, due to the injury from the last game. The confidence of the coach and my teammates made it go well. Today the sacrifice was double, but the reward was great” .

With his goal, the center forward became Belgrano’s second all-time scorer in AFA: with 59 goals, surpassing Abel Blasón. The top scorer is still the current president of the club: Luis Fabián Artime with 94. “I give myself to the maximum, I am very happy to be in Belgrano. We must continue working, everything was done uphill. This victory is for the people and for everyone us,” he said.

The ‘Pirates’ led by Farré have five victories in the last 6 games. That is why he is the protagonist of the tournament: with 27 units he is third in the standings.

It was a game that had everything, but, very high, emotions. The first half started entertaining, with dangerous plays in both arcs. As the game progressed, the intensity faded, but not what was played. The ‘Dean’ had passages of very good play, especially when Pereyra had the ball; and the ‘Pirate’ had a little more of the ball, but it wasn’t deep. Zapelli was not firm and the state of the playing field threatened the interesting projections of his sides. Until the perfectly executed corner kick by ‘Chino’ Rojas came and Vegetti shook with a lethal header that went to the net without resistance. A headbutt with tremendous force and speed.

It seemed that Belgrano became the owner of the game. However, at minute 37, the central marker Alejandro Rébola was sent off at Celeste, for a foul on Estigarribia who was facing Losada alone.

And then everything changed.

Belgrano must resist. And he put all his defensive weapons into play to do it and he did it very well, with great collective work, with Erik Godo and Ulises Sánchez as the standard bearers of that resistance. They all made significant wear, but the two referenced ate the field, taking everything out. Perhaps the ‘Pirate’ threw himself back too early, but it paid off. Because those led by Lucas Pusineri rarely managed to bring him real danger.

The ‘Dean’ abused the centers and there Godoy and Nahuel Losada became protagonists.

It is no coincidence that of the 78 games managed by Farré in Belgrano, in 42 he has kept the fence at zero, and that in this Professional League, in 10 of the 15 games played he has not conceded goals. No, it’s not a coincidence.

He resisted, endured, defended, rejected everything he could, and, on top of that, they had the two most dangerous of the complement, one with Vegetti and the other with Hesar. Belgrano won and his people enjoyed the triumph that has him enjoying the tournament.

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