Before the suspension in San Juan, the polls gave Uñac the winner

The Supreme Court of Justice suspended the election for governor in San Juan that was to be held on May 14, that is, just five days before the people of San Juan expressed themselves at the polls, a final stretch in which two pollsters, Tres Punto Zero and IOPPS, they gave the winner to Uñac.

The Uñac-Andino formula has the highest voting intention in the province of San Juan. The Tres Punto Zero survey, carried out from May 4 to 8, 2023, stratified by departments, with a 95% confidence level; asked: “If the gubernatorial elections went today, who would you vote for?” Their results were: Sergio Uñac, 33.2%; José Luis Gioja, 18.1%, with which the San Juan por Todos front achieved 51.3%.

While the opponent Marcelo Orrego, from the United for San Juan front, achieved 30.6% and adding the four lists of his front (including libertarians) added up to 36.5%.

Another survey, Intention to Vote for Governor, conducted by IOPPS on May 7, 2023, places Sergio Uñac with 32.3% of voting intention; José Luis Gioja, with 20.2%, which gives the front San Juan for All 52.5%.

While Orrego achieves a voting intention of 31%, and adding the four lists on his front he obtains 37.1%.

The repercussions at the national level did not wait and the focus was placed on political management and decision-making that does not correspond to the Supreme Court.

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