Battaglia’s forceful response when asked about Boca

However, the bad results accumulated in recent weeks by the Globe were the trigger for Diego Dabove step aside after not meeting some objectives in this section of the year.

Huracán authorities immediately confirmed the hiring of Sebastián Battaglia as the team’s new coach.

In this cycle, the former Boca coach will have to ratify his intentions to obtain important results from a team that is participating in the Copa Sudamericana.

Taking into account his past for one of the most representative clubs in the country, the journalists did not hesitate to ask him about his past to which he replied: “Today I am completely dedicated to Huracán and thinking about Huracán. What was, was and remained in the past. For me today is Huracán and working so that Huracán can function well, that it begins to feel good on the pitch and that it has an identity. The past stayed in the past“, said.