Bad news for Racing: a Brazilian team asked for conditions for Gago

Fernando Gago would play his last card with Racing against Platense by date 16 of the Professional League. However, from Brazil, they want to tempt him to leave Avellaneda.

after the defeat 4-2 before Workshops in the Cylinder, Gago met with the players for more than an hour in the locker room. “The results are bad and it is not a good moment. We will continue working to recover the operation to which we were accustomed. We made individual mistakes and we have to regain confidence,” he said at a press conference.

The reality is that the academy He added one point of the 18 possible in the last days of the tournament and against the T he added his third fall in a row. Likewise, everything would indicate that the coach has the confidence of the leadership and he believes that he can reverse the situation.

But, paranaense athletic consulted the conditions for Gago to go to Brazil. is currently going by paulo turrathat your team is currently first in Group G of the Copa Libertadores with 7 points and ranked fifth in the BrazilianThat is why the future coach thought about what happens on Sunday the 14th when he visits the squid.

Gago’s performance in Racing

The academy is ranked 15th in the Professional League with 18 points, 19 units behind River, tournament leader. Despite having started the season well between the local championship and the Copa Libertadores, everything came to a halt on date 10.

On that day he began a downturn, unusual, andbecause he played 8 matches between both competitions and only won one.

– Date 10: 1-3 vs Gymnastics

– Date 11: 0-1 vs. Newell’s

– Date 12: 1-1 vs. Independent

– Date 2 – Copa Libertadores: 3-2 vs. Aucas

– Date 13: 1-3 vs. Atletico Tucuman

– Date 14: 1-3 vs Boca

– Date 3 – Copa Libertadores: 1-1 vs. flamenco

– Date 15: 2-4 vs Workshops