Back Pain: Five Simple Ways to Correct Posture

He Back pain It is a problem suffered by thousands of people and which, if left untreated, can lead to various conditions, both in cervical and lumbar regions as in the peripheral nervous system, among other males. To avoid reaching that point, it is essential to correct the back posture on time, in addition to modifying some daily routines.

Most back problems are due to poor body posture. When this is the cause, the solution is to re-educate the body by correcting the way we sit or sleep, known as static posture, and also the way we walk or work, called dynamic posture.

Specialists affirm, in different studies, that the best sleeping position is fetal. That is, lying in profile, with the legs folded one on top of the other and with the arms forming a right angle, with the hands resting on the pillow. Given the choice, it is better to fall on the left side, since according to some medical research it favors lymphatic drainage, which is responsible for cleaning waste from the central nervous system.

Many back pains are due to muscle contraction caused by constantly having a hunched spine. To stretch these muscles and start to straighten your back, it is necessary to walk every two hours and stretch your back muscles if you work sitting down. IS It is advisable to force the posture by stretching the back, tucking in your belly and tucking your chin back when you walk. It is important to try to stabilize sitting at a right angle, with arms stretched out in front.

Part of the back discomfort is also caused by a bad shoulder posture. People who for work reasons sit for many hours usually have them displaced forward. However, the natural posture says that they should be slightly back. A position that should be forced several times a day in front of the mirror to begin to reposition them.

Back pain

When the neck muscles contract, both cervical and back pain end up appearing. The natural position of the head is slightly tilted back and not forward, as it happens to those who spend too many hours sitting in a bad position. To get it to gradually return to its place, the experts suspected doing exercises such as keeping the neck stretched and slightly back several times a day. If you need it, you can combine it with massages.

Finally, it is important to review the posture when walking. If every time you look in the mirror you see a more pronounced hump, it is likely that you will end up with back pain and, highly recommended, see a specialist as soon as possible. An exercise that can help improve posture when walking is to try to align your neck, back, and waist with each step you take.

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