Attack on Cristina Kirchner: Martín Soria said that Patricia Bullrich “collaborated to erase evidence” and pointed to the judge

A new revelation set off alarm bells among lawyers for Cristina Kirchner. It turns out that one of the advisers of the national deputy gerardo milmanwho was with him in the Casablanca bar days before the assassination attempt against the vice president, appeared in Commodore Py and stated that delete the contents of your cell phone in an office that would be Patricia Bullrich.

Is about Ivana Bodsziewiczone of the advisers to the deputy who, some time ago, appeared to testify in the case investigating the attack and said she did not remember that she had been with Milman in the bar located in front of the Congress, but changed her answer when she showed her the footage from a security camera security that located her in time and space. “All lines lead to the leaders of the PRO”said this Monday 8 the Minister of Justice, Martín Soria, referring to the issue.

as revealed Page 12, Bodsziewicz appeared unexpectedly in the Retirement courts and asked to testify. like the prosecutor carlos rivolo was about to take leave, they gave him a summons for May 10, but last Friday he returned to Commodore Py 2002 and I requested that someone take his statement.

Cristina Kirchner targeted Patricia Bullrich for the assassination attempt

Before the prosecutor Alejandra Manganosurrogate, the woman told that in fact, he had not deleted the contents of his cell phone of his own free willas she had said before, but had been taken to Bullrich’s offices on Avenida de Mayo, where an expert would have spent four hours working on the deletion.

Soria: “All lines of investigation lead to PRO leaders.”

“Despite the fact that Comodoro Py refuses to investigate, eight months after the attempt on Cristina’s life there are two things that are clear: The group that carried out the attack were not ‘loquitos loose’ as they tried to sow from the beginning; and? all the lines of investigation lead to the leaders of the PRO“, the head of the Justice portfolio responded to a PROFILE query.

Martín Soria: “Bullrich collaborated to erase evidence”

Along these lines, the official stated that “the statement by Milman’s secretary shows that the candidate for president of the main opposition party collaborated to erase evidence of the cause of the assassination attempt to the vice president.”

Gerardo Milman’s adviser denounced operations against him and responded to Cristina Kirchner

In addition, he complained about “the negligence and complicity on the part of the Judiciary to find the true culprits of the attack”, something that “It exposes the level of degradation to which they have reached the Judiciary.”

Bodsziewicz’s statement revolutionized the Retirement courts where the attack suffered by the vice president on September 1 at the door of her house, in Juncal and Uruguay, by Fernando Andre Sabag Montieldetained next to Brenda Uliarte and Gabriel Carrizo, members of the so-called “gang of drinks”, which was behind the attack.

It happens that Milman’s former adviser was one of those who was called to testify last December after a witness told before the Justice that he was in the Casablanca bar and he heard Milman say that “when they kill her I’ll be on my way to the coast.”

Gerardo Milman 20221027
With the revelation, the “Milman track” gains strength.

The case investigating the assassination attempt is in the hands of the federal judge Maria Eugenia Capuchettiwhich is the target of strong questioning by the vice president and her lawyer jose ubeira. The main argument of the critic is that don’t investigate the call “Milman track”, that involves Bullrich’s former campaign manager and, therefore, maintains that the assassination attempt would have had a motivation from that sector of the opposition.

Soria and a track that takes strength

With the Bodsziewicz statementthat he would also have declared that he was the target of pressure not to appear before the Justice, that track takes strength.

Alberto Fernández: “Bullrich and Milman have to explain themselves”

“The most incredible thing about the level of inaction of Capuchetti and company is that Millman’s adviser, who confessed to the suppression of evidence of the attack on Cristina, she had to go several times to the Rivolo prosecutor’s office to ask to be allowed to testify. Not only do they not seek the truth, but they obstruct it down to the smallest detail,” Soria added this Monday in statements to this medium.

Along these lines, the minister insisted on that the judge “must have the dignity to step aside“, and described his performance in the cause as “an absolute failure”.

“The investigation is characterized by the systematic elimination of the evidence. The cell phone of the person who held the weapon was deleted, the telephone communications that Brenda Uliarte deleted the days after the attack were not intervened and now We found out that Bullrich wiped the cell phones of Milman’s secretaries. And 8 months after the attack, absolutely nothing is still known about the masterminds and instigators. Better said: it is known, a lot, but very much despite the actions of the judge and the prosecutor,” Soria completed.


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