At the end of the Superclásico two players were left with a legal case in the prosecutor’s office

On Sunday, a new version of the Superclásico of Argentine soccer was played between River and Mouth in a contest that ended with a victory in favor of the Millionaire with a goal converted by Miguel Borja from twelve steps.

After the goal scored by the home team, serious incidents arose that ended up overshadowing the game that many fans had been waiting for several days.

After the generation caused by a player from the team led by Martín DemichelisThe authorities decide to open a case to Agustin Palavecino and Marcos Rojo.

The case of the midfielder of the local team is related to incitement to rival footballers. For Rojo’s part, a record was drawn up because the Xeneize footballer appeared in an inappropriate place and his entry occurred in the altercation in the final stretch of the game.

At the moment neither of the two athletes has been arrested. They were only notified of a legal case filed by Celsa Ramírez, Mass Events Prosecutor.