Argentine education: the urgent and important

Recently, in the framework of the International Day of Education, the Secretary General of the United Nations recalled the importance of understanding that “Education is a fundamental human right”, it is the basis of societies, economies and the potential of each person, but without investment that adequate potential will be prematurely wasted . Investing in people implies prioritizing education as much as possible.

Likewise, at the United Nations World Summit on the Transformation of Education in 2022 on the basis of the SDG 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals), alerted about learning lossesmisdirected objectives and rethinking educational systems in the urgency of turning commitments into concrete measures.

In Argentina we ask ourselves how we are going to achieve the SDGs 2030 when more than 50% of Argentines do not finish high schoolwhen the 30% of young people between 18 and 24 years old neither study nor work And when we know that the work revolution and the digital transformation will modify at least 50% of the roles and tasks in employment in the coming years, that is, we will experience this accelerated transformation before 2030.

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As for organizations and companies in our country, as in the world, they need to stabilize at the pace of accelerated technological innovation. They are understanding the unprecedented changes impacting the global pandemic and the complexities in the workplace. In addition, they have added new ones, particularly in relation to hybrid and remote work models, which imply new skills and competencies in the world of work.

Argentine education: the urgent and important

To acquire the rapidly evolving skill sets needed for the workplace, employees must go a step further and also prioritize education to acquire skills from other functions, expanding into other categories, including soft skills, technical skills, and operations.

Therefore, guiding us as a reference in the Eisenhower matrixwhich allows us to organize and divide tasks according to their urgency and importance, being some Urgent and not Important, or Important but Not Urgent.

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In Argentina, taking into account the context in which we find ourselves, we must place our commitment to the transformation and investment in Education in the Matrix as Urgent and Important.

Learning in Skills and Competencies through permanent education does not distinguish gender, age, social level or educational level, being the most inclusive and equitable learning with the added value of digital learning that allows accessibility from any destination in the Country.

We started the Era of Learning in Skills and Competences over learning by qualifications, in the urgency and importance of prioritizing investments in permanent education so that the change begins and the transformation happens in a sustainable and inclusive way.

* Manager Guillermo Suárez, President of Identidad Argentina, VP of the Argentine Chamber of Vocational Training and Labor Training, VP of the Arte Móvil Foundation, Doctoral student in Social Sciences.

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