ANSES is intimate with legal professionals for the Pension Debt Payment Plan

He ANSES issued a statement through which it is impossible for people in a situation of economic vulnerability to be represented by a lawyer to be accepted within the Pension Debt Payment Plan framed in the law 27,705 approved last February 28.

In this sense, from the Argentine Federation of Bar Associations (FACA) it is alleged that “Circular No. 22/23 effectively illegally and arbitrarily excluded legal professionals to act as attorneys in the beginning and processing of the plan of facilities provided by the regulations, restricting without any justification the exercise of professional activity in this matter “.

The conflict in which the National Social Security Administration the free advice of lawyers, to defend the interests of those impeded by low-income taxpayers who seek to access their retirement.

Retirement without lawyers: an advantage for the member or for the pension system?

ANSES: Pension Debt Payment Plan

He Pension Debt Payment Plan of the ANSES rules from the March 31, 2023 through the Decree 173/2023 so that 800 thousand Argentine citizens who They have not yet met the 30 years of contributionsregularize their situation and can enjoy their corresponding subsidy.

Who does the ANSES Pension Debt Payment Plan reach?

  • Women 60 years of age or older and men 65 years of age or older who do not have the required 30 years of contributions
  • They will be able to regularize the missing periods up to and including December 2008.
  • He Pension Debt Payment Plan is incompatible with others moratoriums pensions that have not been saved before December 31, 2021.

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Because of this, the FACA authorities claim that “the authorities of the ANSES leave the circular and any other provision that prevents the presentation of certifications issued by public officials authorized by law for such purposes or limits the full performance of lawyers before that body and / or ignores their power through mandates if in effect benefits in accordance with current legislation.

Argentine Federation of the Bar Association

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What are the socioeconomic factors that ANSES evaluates to be a beneficiary of the Pension Debt Payment Plan?

  • Gross annual income of the applicant
  • Patrimony of the tax on Personal Assets, possession of assets informed by the National Directorate of the National Registries of Automotive Property or by the National Civil Aviation Administration or the Argentine Naval Prefecture or pledge credits.
  • Expenses and consumptions made with credit and debit card
  • The amount to be deducted may not exceed 120 monthly installments
  • It must not exceed 30 percent of the current minimum credit

ANSES: who charges in the week of May 8 to 14, 2023

ANSES: Pension Debt Payment Plan

According to article 2 of the 27,705It is hereby regulated that the people who make up the Pension Debt Payment Plan established in the law that is hereby regulated through the Pension Debt Payment Units, you will not be able to access the exchange market for the fines for obtaining foreign currency for a period of twelve months, counted from the date of application .


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