Another parallel dollar record: after the news of the preliminary agreement with the IMF, the blue reaches $541

After the preliminary agreement reached with the International Monetary Fund, the Government advanced with the request of the international organization and carried out a partial devaluation, in addition to formalizing some measures, among them raise the value of the dollar and implement a new agricultural dollar.

this Monday, the parallel currency returns to trade in rise and touch a new CD with which it registers a cumulative increase of $45 in the last 11 days, and $195 since the beginning of the year.

TOhe midday in Buenos Aires reached the unprecedented record of reaching $541 (after adding $13 since the opening), something that analysts have been discounting, beyond the fact that an agreement was reached with the IMF, partly due to the strong volatility shown by this small market where variations are -quickly- exposed.

Blue dollar today: minute by minute of the price of this Monday, July 24, 2023

This is how he explained it to PROFILE andres reschini Delaware F2Solutions, by indicating: “It could happen that there is some moment of relaxation in the pressure, but anyway I do not see it in a panic level to the blue dollar; with which I think that, beyond some downward variation, it will continue to climb forward, “she anticipated.

For his part, for Salvador Di Stefano, an agreement with the IMF reassures the market: “we won’t see a run into alt dollars, but this may impact future inflation. I think the scenario will be between recessionary and inflationary, many prices will rise and consumption will decrease,” he said.

Regarding the possibility of a strong jump in the northern currency, he said: “EThe plan that is being studied is very recessive and would affect consumption. For the alternative dollars to rise, money is needed, and here we are increasing the tax burden by 0.8% of GDP. I do not know if we are clear about this part of the agreement, ”she questioned.

dollar values ​​today

it is worth remembering that at the beginning of the wheel it opened $528, and after early trading hit a new all-time high of $541 for sale. for his partthe MEP dollar operates at $497.01 for the purchase and $497.69 for the sale.

He dollar counted with settlement (CCL) is located on the blackboards $52.72 for purchase and $543.45 for sale.

He risk country is an indicator developed by the JP Morgan which measures the difference that US Treasury bonds pay against those of the rest of the countries.

This monday july 24 This index places the country risk at 2,021 basis points.

During the closing of the previous week, the blue dollar had reached $529 and the Central Bank lost foreign currency again with the sale of dollars and yuan.

It is worth remembering that in the last few hours The Government announced a devaluation of the saving dollar of 10%, to equate it with the solidarity exchange rate and card and shrinks, at least by one, the range of dollars, one of the requests of the IMF.

In this way, the 900,000 people who bought an average of US$150 per month will go from paying an exchange rate of $464.47 -which they paid until Friday- to $492.63.

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, stressed that an agreement was broken with the IMF for the “next five months” for which “the discussion on the Monetary Fund is removed from the campaign.” The official announced that there will be “heavy disbursements in August and November, which will largely cover the obligations for this year.”

On the other hand, the head of the Palacio de Hacienda clarified that he does not plan to travel to Washington, as was speculated, because the Economy envoys “did a great job to close everything.”

bonuses up

In the case of Argentine bonds abroad, as Bloomberg explains, They rose to their highest level in almost six after the International Monetary Fund and government officials said on Sunday they were close to reaching an agreement to reformulate the nation’s $44 billion lending program.

The bonds due 2030 rose 0.7 cents to almost 35 cents on the dollar, its highest level since early February. Securities due 2041 followed, up 0.8 cent to 33 cents on the dollar. Both bonds were among the best performers in an index of emerging market sovereign bonds on Monday.

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