An Argentine soccer team dreams of having Cristian Medina: “We were always interested”

One of the best news of the semester for Mouth It is the great level that I present Christian medina which was supported by Jorge almiron who found his place on the field of play and thus allowed him to meet his best version since he played in the First of the xeneize.

So far in the cycle of almiron in front of the group The riverbank, medina he scored three goals and provided two assists in the last five games. Added to that, it is one of the guiding threads of soccer in the team, thus being one of the highest values ​​of the squad and thus polls of different teams appear.

Added to an alleged interest of the Bury miami in seizing his services, he appeared workshops Delaware Cordova in the orbit of the midfielder. Andrew fassipresident of the Cordoba club affirmed that medina He was always in the club’s plans.

Cristian Medina always interested us, since before he has this present”, he confessed fassi in dialogue with Soccer Report.