Almirón complained after the victory and Demichelis opted for silence after the elimination

Mouth and River were the other side of the sensations in a new day of argentinian cup. The Xeneizes They were pure joy after beating 2 to 1 to barracks center and the millionaires were disappointed after the loss of their team against cordoba workshops.

Different results and different reactions are also expressed by the technicians Jorge Almirón and Martin Demicheliswhere one spoke after the victory and another opted for silence after the defeat.

Almirón angry with the field of play and arbitration

The coach of mouth Juniors, Jorge Almironcomplained tonight about the state of the playing field of the Madre de Ciudades stadium in Santiago del Estero and the arbitration of Leandro Rey Hilferafter the 2-1 win over barracks centerresult that qualified him to the round of 16 of the argentinian cup.

The field, very bad. The referee (King Hilfer) we already know. It was the same with Arsenal. It’s complicated“said the technical director, at a press conference.

Silence, the reaction of Martín Demichelis after the defeat of River

River fell 1-0 against cordoba workshops at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in Mendoza for the 16th of the argentinian cup and said goodbye to the contest. The only goal of the match was from rodrigo garro a favor from the group commanded by Javier Gandolfi.

For the first time in his cycle and after the defeat of the Millionaire, Martin Demichelis He did not speak to the press nor did the players who, after sitting in the locker room, removed their belongings from the stadium in Godoy Cruz and they got on the bus without providing statements.