Alleged BBC censorship of David Attenborough

Fearing a backlash from right-wing politicians and media, the BBC thought not broadcast the final chapter of the new series by the famous naturalist David Attenboroughfocused on the destruction of the country’s natural habitats, according to the progressive newspaper The Guardian. The decision infuriated producers and employees, who assured that the chain gave in to pressure from public and private interests.

The first five episodes of wild islands (wild islands), focus on the natural beauties of Britainbut the sixth focuses on the causes of its decline, as well as including examples of reconstructionthe reintroduction of extinct species, which some conservative circles reject.

The show is run by the same production company that developed the acclaimed series Our planetand like that one, it includes the iconic voice in off the Attenborough (96), an unavoidable referent of scientific communication, also with a past in the management of the BBC itself.

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Although the network insists that the episode was only intended for its on-demand service iPlayer, inside sources assured The Guardian que the decision was made to fend off conservative criticism. Some in the channel blame the lobby of the agricultural sector, the main responsible for global deforestation.

For Green Party reference Caroline Lucas, “the fact that the BBC has censored one of the most informed and trusted voices in the nation about the natural emergency and It is an inexcusable abandonment of his public duty.”

Those responsible for the station “should not be intimidated by antagonistic politicians and promoters of culture wars, nor prioritize populist and petty political games over actions that may protect and restore our natural world he warned. This episode should be televised.”


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