A teacher found a gun and bullets in the backpack of a 2-year-old boy

A teacher from a kindergarten in the Loyola neighborhood in Santa Fe found a 380 caliber pistol and 18 bullets in the backpack of a 2-year-old boy. The woman notified the authorities of the institution and they called 911. The boy’s parents were arrested. and the minor was removed from the establishment by his grandmother.

The discovery occurred last Wednesday in the municipal garden located at the intersection of José Pedroni and Furlong, in the Loyola neighborhood, located in the northwest of the provincial capital.

According to what police sources pointed out, a teacher found the weapon and the bullets around 8:30 in the morning, when the children have a moment for breakfast. When the woman saw what was in the child’s backpack, she filed the complaint to the 911 police line. After the notice, agents from the 12th police station. The parents, a 38-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman, were arrested.

After the procedure, the little one was removed from the school establishment by the grandmotherwho was left in charge of the minor while the procedural situation of the parents was resolved.

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What the police found was a 380-caliber pistol and three magazines containing a total of 18 projectiles, in addition to the man’s cell phone.

Huaira Basaber, Undersecretary of Cultural and Educational Management of the Municipality of Santa Fe, told telam that “as is the routine, the teachers leave the backpacks of the boys and girls on the rack and the next step is to go drink the milk, so The teachers open the backpacks to take out the bottles and sippy cups.“.

“There one of the teachers finds a firearm,” explained Basaber, who stressed “the importance of acting quickly and calmly in such an event, activating the protocols with the Secretariat for Care Policies.”

Basaber said that “this is an unusual situation, but we always come across very complex social situations.”

Regarding the protocol that was followed, the official said that “the first activation is the call to 911 because the police must intervene, and then a prosecutor, to tell us how to continue acting”.


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