A tarot reader predicted the result of the Superclásico between River and Boca

This weekend at the Monumental stadium in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Núñez, River is going to be facing its similar Mouth in a contest that corresponds to date 15 of the Professional League. In the prelude to this meeting, Walter Lavalle, a renowned tarot reader, launched the cards to find out what the result of this commitment will be.

In the first place consulted by the luck of River. “They talk about an oiled team that is doing well, beyond the blow they suffered against Fluminense” and I add: “The players want revenge, to try something new.” However, when the King of Basto came out, he said: “I think the coach (Martín Demichelis) has many doubts, I’m not saying fear, but doubts”, sure.

In addition, Lavalle demonstrated a series of letters that in his opinion are not at all favorable as they are Death, The Upside-Down Tower and The Hanged Man.“It’s not good, when these letters come out… But it could be because of what happened the other day,” he said.

Regarding the panorama that the Blue and Gold will have, he advanced: “Boca has been improving, wanting to change all the adversity. There will be conflicts that you will solve. The coach (Jorge Almirón) is confident, unlike River. There is more security. They are letters of positive energy”.

Finally, he made a conclusion about the score that can occur in the Monumental stadium. “I see a fairly even match, but it could be that Boca gets a positive result. There are no strong cards from either side, I don’t see a sure win. River seems to be more complicated, but Boca doesn’t have great cards either. For me it will be a draw. If River or Boca win, I will apologize.”.