A superclassic of contrasts: youth versus experience on the bench and court

Today’s superclassic, like almost all superclassics in history, shows some contrasts. Both on and off the field. He pits, for example, a new coach, but who knows River’s school perfectly, like Martín Demichelis, against one like Jorge Almirón, with experience, but without being identified with the xeneize story. It will be the first time for both of them.

The paradox, moreover, is that River has several players with a long history in this kind of duels, while in Boca there are many young people -and not so much- who will debut with the xeneize shirt at the Monumental.

The Millionaire’s squad has players with a long history in confrontations against his greatest rival: Jonatan Maidana, who wore both shirts, is the one who led the ranking with 20 games, of which he won seven, drew eight and lost five. Maidana will not play, but those who will will be defender Milton Casco (with 16 superclassics), Enzo Pérez (15), Franco Armani (13), Ignacio Fernández (11) and Nicolás de la Cruz (10).

On Boca’s side, only the Colombian Frank Fabra – who will not be on the field – managed all 10 games against River, followed by his compatriot Sebastián Villa, who has nine and is the top scorer for both teams with three goals along with Darío Benedetto, another who will not be part of the game due to injury.

Today’s will not only be the debut of Demichelis and Almirón. Other players could experience their first super clásico: this is the case of Enzo Díaz, Salomón Rondón and Ezequiel Centurión in the River squad, and of Sergio Romero, Valentín Barco, Ezequiel Fernández, Miguel Merentiel, Nicolás Valentini, Gabriel Aranda, Lautaro Di Lollo and Nahuel Genez in the one from Boca. Barco is perhaps the greatest symbol of that youth that now has great responsibilities.

As a player, Demichelis made his debut against Boca in the second half of the victory that the millionaires achieved in March 2002 at La Bombonera, 3-0. That afternoon Demichelis, barely 21 years old, replaced Víctor Zapata. Then they played another two super clásicos, both with Manuel Pellegrini as coach and as starter, first in a 2-1 defeat and then with a 2-2 draw at La Bombonera, that is to say, they got the three possible results against the rival of the whole life.

At 5:30 p.m. in the monumental

A leader; the other on the rise

The leader of the Professional League, River, will receive a Boca on the rise in a new edition of the superclassic that will be played, for the first time, in an expanded Monumental.

The match will begin at 5:30 p.m. with the refereeing of Darío Herrera, who will direct his third consecutive superclassic (the previous two were won by Boca).

River comes from suffering a role in Brazil after losing 5-1 against Fluminense. To recover, Demichelis maintains a doubt in the central defense (Mammana or Paulo Díaz) and in the middle (De La Cruz or Solari).

For its part, Boca arrives after the valuable victory against Colo Colo in Chile. Almirón would keep the base, although he will have to replace the expelled Martín Payero with Medina. In the total history, River won 84, Boca won 91 and tied 83 times.

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