A great man on and off the pitch: Lionel Messi’s enormous gesture with a teammate from Inter Miami

Share campus with lionel Messi It is the dream of every soccer fan and it is what the players of the Bury miami that in each image of the practices or press conference you can see the astonishment on their faces.

True to his style, with the simplicity that characterizes him, Messi had a great gesture with one of his colleagues, who he probably knows for a couple of days and was DeAndre yedlin who recounted in detail what happened, demonstrating his admiration for Argentina.

Campana was looking for tickets for an event on Sunday and he put in the group if anyone had, and I also didn’t know that Leo (Messi) was already in the group and he spoke through the chat and asked that they didn’t need”, commented the footballer.

From that moment I said wow… He’s known us for two or three days, but showing that generosity is a great first example of what he’s like.”, he added.

Regarding the debut of Messi with the shirt of his new club will be on Friday night suspenders Cup on the first day of the group stage facing the Cross blue Delaware Mexico.