A former Chilean goalkeeper pointed against Dibu Martínez for The Best: “For me Courtois is by far the best goalkeeper”

The Argentine triumph at The Best Awards continues to make people talk. Now from Chili Complaints arrive against Emiliano Martínez who, with 25 games in the Argentine National Team, already has 3 titles and was decisive in each one.

drawing competed against Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid) and Ybonus donkey (Seville) in the vote that was carried out. What’s more, 6 out of 10 captains of the South American teams chose the Belgian first. juan herreraformer goalkeeper of the University of Chile and with a past in the trans-Andean team in the 2015 and 2016 Copas Américas, he became a panelist and criticized the award that the man from Mar del Plata received.

“The annual awards are characterized by the performance of the year. He is now in his club and is not having a good time, and before reaching the Selection I wasn’t having a good time”, he began by saying in Sports TNT Chile. “Although he had a good performance, he was transcendental on penalties, but making saves, the numbers, what he did in each game, are not consistent with the best goalkeeper in the world”He launched.


And he added: “For me Courtois is by far the best goalkeeperthe most transcendental for his team (Real Madrid). Dibu came out so it transcends that Argentina came out world champion. You had many other good archers, like Alisson Becker, Courtois and Ederson”.

Dibu counting the World Cup save against Kolo Muani