A fanatic rapporteur from Boca exploded against Almirón: “You went backwards”

By date 15 of the Professional League, River beat Boca 1-0 and at the end of the game they fought a pitched battle at the Monumental stadium, since in stoppage time, Miguel Borja scored a penalty and a scandal broke out that ended with a wave of expelled.

Before the end of the match, the Xeneize party rapporteur, Daniel Mollo destroyed Jorge Almirón and accused him of not having gone to the front before the Millionaire. “Today the Almirón thing belongs to a shitty technician, after the world champion took him out of Boca”the journalist exploded.

Then, beyond the fury for the loss in stoppage time, the rapporteur not only charged the DT for the lack of audacity, which set up a very defensive game with five defenders and little offensive will, but also attacked the Boca footballers. “These players are little pigeons, with a shitty coach”Mollo sentence.

The furious story of Daniel Mollo against Jorge Almirón