A Cuban migrant living in the Malvinas received Argentine residency

yamila socorro molina decided to settle in the Falkland Islands in 2019 to work in hydroponics for a company that produces and markets crops. The woman, born in Cuba, is the first resident to inhabit the archipelago with an Argentine DNI.

Since she arrived in the archipelago, back in 2019, Yamila Socorro Molina knew that she wanted to regularize her situation under Argentine law. Procedures, forms and administrative processes cannot be done against her will.

Since July 19, this Cuban migrant who lives in the Malvinas Islands has been an Argentine resident. Florencia Carignano, National Director of Migrations highlighted this event as a “historical precedent to consolidate the country’s sovereignty” over the archipelago.

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Through his Twitter account, Carignano posted: “Historical: Migration granted Argentine residence for the first time to a migrant living in the Malvinas Islands. Yamila Socorro Molina is Cuban and received the first DNI for a foreign resident in our Malvinas Islands. We Grant Rights, We Build #Sovereignty.” At the headquarters of the National Directorate of Migrations located in Antártida Argentina 1355, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Yamila Molina received the document from the director of Migrations herself.

Carignano, who defined this decision as a historical precedent, stressed that this measure will help “consolidate our country’s sovereignty over the Malvinas territory.” And he added that “It is a challenge that we must assume and from Migration, with these actions, we put the mandate of the National Constitution at the forefront of those challenges,” explained the official.

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For his part, Molina explained: “I made this decision because I have to regularize myself before Argentina, because it is fair. I wanted to be in line with Argentine immigration legislation” and expressed that his request lies in “honoring” all the love that Argentina gave him and “the right that that country has over the islands”, as can be seen in a video published by Migraciones on its social networks.

“There are 86 nationalities (living on the islands). When you ask them what continent they live on, they don’t say in South America, they say in the South Atlantic. Those are things that shock one as a Latina,” Molina said.

After the meeting with Carignano, the new Argentine resident in the Malvinas left for the Ezeiza international airport to fly to Havana and visit her family. After her stay in Cuba, she will return to Malvinas soil. Before boarding the plane, Molina asserted: “I can assure you that the Malvinas are Argentine.”

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