A Boca player destroyed Angelici: “In 8 years you couldn’t step on La Bombonera”

This year there are elections in Boca and that is why the politics of the xeneize It will be a recurring theme. In the last hours, Daniel Angelici pointed against Juan Román Riquelme. Now the former president of the La Ribera club had a strong response.

“My stage in Boca ended for the moment. Yes, I am going to accompany the opposition candidate. With my vote or with what they ask of me. Hopefully the opposition unifies a candidate to give the partner another alternative,” Angelici expressed in TN when talking about the elections at the end of the year.

“Román believes his own lie, the one he has been telling the fan for many years. He says, he convinces himself and that is not a reality. He did not win the last election. Almost 50 percent of the partners did not vote for him in the last election, despite winning. Now do you think he has done a marvelous effort to get 95 percent to vote for him? You have to be more humble. Riquelme is an idol for everything he gave Boca but always off the pitch It left a lot to be desired.” He launched.

For this reason, the historic Boca volleyball player, Mariangeles Cossar hit him on Twitter: “In eight years of management you could not step on the grass of the Bombonera for the fear you had of the fan. You’re not even a fan of the club. Do not return anymore“, wrote.