A 20-year-old soccer player died after colliding head-on with a van

Emiliano Valentin Esquivel, 20-year-old soccer player, would have this Thursday after starring in a head-on collision on a road in San Rafael, Mendoza. Through an institutional statement, the club san martin jump said goodbye on social media.

The accident occurred in the mediations of Route 143 with Sarmiento street at approximately 7:00 p.m. At that time, Esquivel was driving his vehicle Fiat Super Europe when on the same route, but in the opposite direction, I collide head-on with a truck toyota hilux, on information supplied by the diary The Andes.

After the arrival of the authorities, the lifeless body of the athlete can be found and later SEC doctors confirmed the death of the young man after this unfortunate incident.

Through a statement, the club said goodbye through an emotional message:

Dear friends and family of Emiliano Esquivel.

It is with deep sadness that we have to report that a very dear member of our football club has disappeared today. His passion for the sport and his dedication to the team will always be recorded by all of us.

Although his departure leaves us with a great void in our hearts, we must remember the happy moments we shared with him on the pitch and off it. His competitive spirit, his sense of humor, and his kindness to others are qualities we will always admire and miss.

In these difficult times, it is important that we support each other and remember that Emiliano will always be present in our hearts and in our memories. May his legacy continue to inspire us to be better players, friends and people.

We send our sincere condolences to his family and loved ones at this time of grief. May you find solace in the happy memories you shared with him.

Rest in peace, Emily. We will always remember you fondly.

Sincerely, Social, Cultural and Sports Club General San Martín de Salto de las Rosas”.